Whether you need a cleaner to create a favorable public image…to reduce weight and provide a longer life for your valuable equipment…to maintain a sanitary work environment…or to de-grease machinery prior to making repairs, Corty has the right cleaner for the job.

Corty Steam and Hot High Pressure Cleaners tackle the toughest cleaning chores with ease. They’re rugged and dependable…built to last…with sensible features designed to get the job done quickly. You’ll find no unnecessary gadgets which do little more than increase the cost. With Corty, water consumption and the energy to heat it is reduced, and Corty efficiency means reduced man-hours. In fact, Corty cleaning equipment can reduce your cleaning costs by more than 80%.


R.L. Corty & Co. was started in 1949 by Richard and Dolores Corty. The company originally functioned as a janitorial firm and later evolved into selling the products they had been using for a decade.


R.L. Corty always said “Meet the customers needs with service and quality products at fair prices and you’ll have a friend for life.” The friends that we have made and relationships that we have enjoyed with our customers for almost fifty years is a testament to this simple philosophy.

Before you select any cleaner, compare these Corty features:

  • A Respected Manufacturer, producing Reliable Cleaning Equipment with world-wide distribution
  • Brand Name Components used throughout
  • Water is heated after the pumping cycle for longer pump life
  • Heat-up time on High Pressure cleaners is less than 60 seconds
  • Wide selection for every cleaning need – Portable and Stationary; Electric and Gasoline Engine Powered; Steam, Hot High Pressure and Combination units
  • Optional Spray Gun with Shut-Off Control – when gun is off, water discharge stops and burner shuts down.
  • Heating System is Helical Wound/Cold Water Wrap Coil for Improved Fuel Economy
  • Simplicity of Design results in Lowest Prices