Cleaning Products for the Professional


Premium Grade Fleet Maintenance Chemicals

Magnum Truck Wash- The name says it all! Magnum is a brush less chemical currently in use in small and large fleets as well as the mobile wash industry. This product has an “optical brightener” that maintains paint luster while keeping aluminum parts bright. Pressure washer safe!

Fleet Kleen- Magnum’s little brother. This product is big on performance for the fleet owner or the mobile washer who does not have road film build up due to infrequent washing. Pressure washer safe!

Corty’s #101 Concentrate- 101 has been in our product line for 50 years and is still a customer favorite. This wide range product is an excellent steam cleaning and pressure wash chemical. Pressure washer safe!

MEEN GREEN II- A super premium grade truck wash product for daily washing of fleet vehicles, Meen Green II is an outstanding product for use on polished aluminum and stainless steel tankers.Pressure washer safe.

Aluminum Brite- Sold throughout the U.S.A judged by “our customers” as the best and “most forgiving” of the acid based brighteners. Aluminum Brite allows more dwell time before burning. May be used in a 2 step process using a “down stream” injector or acid sprayer. NOT pressure washer safe. Will etch glass.

SALT BLASTER- Super concentrate 1-55 gallon drum makes 8-55 gallon drums of product! Designed specifically for clean up after snow plowing, SALTBLASTER is applied at low pressure to a dry vehicle and allowed to penetrate and “seep” into crevices where it hides and eats away at your vehicle it then neutralizes the salt, calcium chloride ect. allowing it to be pressure washed away leaving a spot free surface on painted, metal, and plastic surfaces such as headlights, grilles ect. Apply with pump sprayer or application system (available from R.L Corty & Co.).

SaltBlaster R.T.U.- Ready to use formulation of above product for smaller operators, provides same excellent results on your vehicles. Apply with pump sprayer or application system.


D’LIMOKLEEN- A truly multi-purpose chemical made with natural citrus solvents. Removes grease, oil, tar, tire burns on floors from forklifts and more! Simply spray onto surfaces. This product contains NO petroleum distillates.

MAGNUM- A Truly dual purpose product. Magnum makes short work of degreasing and is excellent at removing diesel stack stains, Also found under fleet maintenance. Pressure washer safe!

MEEN GREEN- Our concentrated multi-purpose cleaner with it’s long list of U.S.D.A credentials. Cleans oily soils safely and leaves surfaces “Luster clean” works in hard or soft water. Hot or Cold. Pressure washer safe!

MAGIC DEGREASER II- One of our newest formulations this product produces heavy clinging foam for cleaning of vertical surfaces on equipment, while it is tough on dirt & grease, it is more gentle on painted surfaces. Pressure washer safe!

CORTY’S #102- This product is fortified with butyl to aid in removing grease from your equipment, it can be sprayed on as a pre-soak or run through your pressure washer. Pressure washer safe!

HOT STUFF- A fantastic product for degreasing of truck frames, machinery rebuilding, drive through cleaning etc. HOT STUFF truly gets the grease others leave behind. Best applied with spray equipment.

BONZI- Our product specifically designed for use in the restaurant hood cleaning industry BONZI even tackles tough Chinese food grease and build up! BONZI is an emulsion so that when applied it will cling to the vertical surfaces you need to clean. Spray or brush apply.


NOVA CLEAN- An excellent light duty cleaner. Brush, wipe, or spray on surfaces, such as aluminum, brick, or porcelain.

BRICK BRITE- This “Powerhouse” restores masonry surface by brightening and cleaning the surface. Brush or spray on allow to dwell and pressure wash off.


QUICK-STRIP- Our premier floor scrubbing soap. Works for daily or weekly plant cleaning operations as well as wax stripping on tile floors.

MOP-AWAY STRIPPER- As the name implies MOP-AWAY is a fantastic mop on stripper that attacks wax build up even from neglected floors.

PINE POWDER- With natural pine this yellow powder turns green when wet. Then simply agitate and flush away. Leaves a pleasant pine scent with no streaking.

MEEN GREEN- Our concentrated multi-purpose cleaner with it’s long list of U.S.D.A. credentials. Cleans your oil soils safely and leaves surfaces “Luster clean” Works in hard or soft water, hot or cold. Pressure washer safe!

CORTY’S #48 CLEANER- The true “ALL-PURPOSE” cleaner developed by R.L.CORTY himself in 1949! It has the natural cleaning power of pine and is as stain free as water..


MEEN GREEN- Meen greens U.S.D.A ratings make this product the prime candidate for cleaning, high foam cling cleaning, and as a flocculent for drains.

BONZI- Specifically formulated for cleaning tough Chinese food grease in kitchen exhaust hoods BONZI clings to vertical surfaces for maximum penetration of the grease.

E-2 HANDII-QUAT- This hand cleaner meets the E2 requirement for hand cleaners inside of food plants and restaurants. It is packaged in 1-gallon flat top containers 4 per case.

SMOKE HOUSE- Formulated to rip baked on carbon from walls, this product provides maximum cleaning power inside your plant.

MAGNUM- U.S.D.A. A-1 rating makes this an ideal product for surface cleaning of grease or food oils (must be followed by potable water rinse).


D’LIMOKLEEN- Originally formulated as a natural degreaser using citrus solvents, this product attacks Tar, Rubber tire marks from forklifts, oil and grease. Simply spray onto surfaces, or use as a “dip” solution to clean shovels, tools, etc. D’LIMOKLEEN contains NO petroleum distillates.


BOAT HULL CLEANER- Like the name says (BHC) cleans the heaviest algae and scum build up from the hulls of fiberglass boats, stern drives etc. Simply spray on to the hull with acid sprayer, allow to work, then pressure was off. NOT pressure washer safe.

TOON-BRITE- Funny name! Fantastic results! Apply with acid sprayer, allow to dwell then wash off. TOON-BRITE brings the worst looking pontoons, aluminum boats etc. back to life. NOT pressure washer safe.

MAGNUM- The ideal product for color finished R.V.’s Magnum is strong enough to tear away the black streaks common on R.V.’s and brighten dull faded finishes. Pressure washer safe.

MEEN GREEN II- Used for many years in the “tanker” industry. MEEN GREEN II is strong enough to clean the highly polished surfaces of R.V.’s without dulling the mirror finish. Pressure washer safe.